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Record crowds rose early, Wednesday the 25th, for the Anzac day dawn service. Families and military servicemen alike arrived in near total darkness, with the memorial service starting just on 6 am. There was total silence, a great mark of respect for those that have fought and are still fighting in the great wars.

Reserves were there in force and looked very sharp in there pressed uniforms and polished boots. A short march of veterans and families of veterans ensued toward to the memorial and came to a halt right at the Anzac memorial on Victoria Street.

Words of those past were spoken to the masses in remembrance of those who fought and died for us all.
The silence was then broken with the sound of the bag pipes, which was played to a crowd probably numbering in the 1000's, an impressive sight.

A single shot was then discharged after the pipes had finished, it made a few jump and was almost deafening, though it brought some reality back to us. The bugle sounded and tears were seen flowing for many, many who could not hold back the emotion felt for those who fought and are still fighting for our freedom.

Following the ceremony other local, (and even some from a far), residents and servicemen paid their respects, laid reeves, saluted and walked away talking about memories past. As I walked away I overheard an elderly gentlemen say, "Until next year… Lest We Forget."

Bunbury was treated to a stunning, colourful sunrise as residents and servicemen left, the sense of pride and sorrow for their fallen mates, apparent from the expressions on their faces.
They will always be remembered…
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Submitted on
April 26, 2012